AxisOrca is the duo of Catalan singer / multi-instrumentalist Carola Ortiz and French drummer / multi-instrumentalist Landy Gana, who joined to create this beautiful debut album : AxisOrca pulls influences from from jazz, alternative pop, brazilian rhythms, urban groove, electronica and classical music to create a unique yet somehow familiar set of songs :

They naturally switch between English, French and Catalan. Landy’s fresh approach to rhythms, grooves and guitar playing perfectly complements Carola’s sensual voice, lyrical clarinet and imaginative use of sound textures.

Aurélien Landy Gana acoustic and electric guitar, drums, percussion, electric and acoustic bass, double bass, electronics & back vocals / Carola Ortiz vocals, clarinet, bass clarinet, keyboards, rhodes, piano, accordion, electronics & field recording / Luifer electric guitar and pedals / Ivo Saint, Morgane Derbal & Sandrine Roubilliard strings / Naomi Jean percussion and irish flute / Shintaro Soma electronics / All songs by AxisOrca / Produced by AxisOrca / Mastered by Frank Lhermet / Art and Design by Konstantina Tomoska

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